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Florida Issues - Rocky for Florida US Senate


“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is proud to announce his candidacy for the United States Senate representing the great State of Florida.

He is a resident of Orlando, Florida and has owned various properties in Florida for many years.




As an extremely successful entrepreneur, Rocky has created thousands of jobs across the nation and throughout Central and South America, and he can be counted upon to do the same for Florida.

Most recently, Rocky was a Democratic candidate for the Office of President of the United States. While he wasn’t a member of the politically elite that paves the way for poll visibility and inclusion in the national debates, Rocky overcame the odds and ran strong races in 46 combined states and territories. Along the way, he became the first candidate in history to qualify by signature petition in states such as Michigan, Massachusetts and North Carolina.

Interestingly, Florida’s State Democratic Party did not include Rocky on its primary ballot because, early on in the election, he was an “unknown.”1 However, by the time the delegate-rich state of California announced its candidates, Rocky was sufficiently well-known to have California’s Secretary of State automatically place his name on the ballot.

Rocky is committed to serving the Nation he loves, and he now seeks to represent his home state by winning a seat in the United States Senate. He brings a unique blend of experience and integrity to this race and looks forward to earning the right to serve Florida’s citizens in Washington, D.C.

As his name and presidential campaign suggest, Rocky will fight to the finish on behalf of the State of Florida… and on behalf of you.

1 Florida does not provide recourse for gaining ballot access by signature petition, so Rocky could not gain ballot access through that process.

Rocky for Florida US Senate


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