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“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is honored to have been the 2016 presidential nominee of the Reform Party, whose history and significance in America’s political history is well known. He also won the presidential nomination of the American Delta Party, which is focused on bringing positive political change to our nation.

Ultimately, Rocky competed in 46 presidential primaries and caucuses and was on the ballot in 20 states and eligible as a write-in candidate in 15 more during the general election. He competed in more primaries and caucuses and amassed more votes than any Hispanic American Democratic candidate in our Nation’s history and is the first candidate of that heritage to every compete for the presidency in the general election.

And during that general election, Rocky’s campaign focused on exposing the corruption within our political system and restoring integrity to our Democracy. Even in the aftermath of his campaign, he continues to pursue the issue of Election Reform.

Rocky’s goals are:
• To level the playing field for the average American seeking office rather than slanting it in favor of those who enjoy “political privilege”
• To expand ballot access to every eligible citizen who wishes to pursue elected office
• To assure that every candidate has to play by the same rules and that such rules are fair in terms of their requirements
• And most importantly, to make sure that every vote counts for the candidate for whom it is cast

Rocky wants to make sure that #YourVoteCounts.



Groups have been trying to affect election reform for decades and failed. Part of the problem is that neither of the parties in power will support it because it is in the People’s best interest rather than the parties’. The other part of the problem is that these groups often try to solve the problem for every single office.