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10 Dec

Open Letter to President-elect Trump: We Need Election Reform

December 9, 2016 – With the recent outcry about “fake news,” you would think public figures and media pundits would try to avoid it rather than generate it. Yet, election reform is in jeopardy of being neutralized by media charges of partisanship. Nothing could be further from the truth. So, here’s an “open letter” to […]

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16 Nov

‘One Man, One Vote’…Just Hope Yours Counts

November 15, 2016 – The phrase “one man, one vote” has been used throughout the world in the demand for universal suffrage. Once secured, the sanctity of that vote is of paramount importance. To abuse that right is to diminish democracy. Yet, we find ourselves in a time when the validity of our elections must […]

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07 Nov

More Evidence that Fair Elections Are a Thing of the Past

November 7, 2016 – If you weren’t already aware of it, our elections are rigged. I don’t say that casually because I would hate to have anyone think that I’m in general agreement with Donald Trump. I’m not. However, on the issue of whether our elections are rigged, we may have found common ground. Yesterday, […]

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03 Oct

OPEN LETTER: The Importance of Open Debates Is Not Debatable

October 3, 2016 – While the media continues to disparage the two major parties’ candidates, it also has chosen to only feature them. Correspondingly, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has chosen to ignore the other legitimate candidates as well. Of course, the CPD is controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties, which are not […]

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31 Aug

Rocky De La Fuente on the Reality of Election Fraud

ORLANDO, Florida, August 31, 2016 – I love the people in New Hampshire. They are engaged and excited about politics and bring a great energy to the primary season. That is why I am so enraged by what I experienced there at the hands of my party. First, I had the opportunity to meet briefly […]

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