Nothing in the Constitution gives us the responsibility or authority to serve as the “police force” of the world. Similar to our discussion of Foreign Policy, we have projected our military force into areas in which it is unwanted. Hostile countries and terrorist organizations have forever justified their hatred of the United States upon our unwanted occupancy of their land.


What if we withdrew our military from those countries that have not requested our military presence (or have failed to provide a safe environment for our troops even if invited) and withdrew our foreign aid as well?

What if we concentrated on maintaining and expanding our military superiority through technological advancement?

What if we strategically realigned the deployment of our military capabilities to project force more rapidly when needed?


What if we redirected investment to defend against the most likely emerging threat of cyber-attacks on targets such as our vital infrastructure and financial system?

What if we continued to leverage our superior logistics to support humanitarian relief on a global basis in the event of natural disasters?

What if we improved the military’s procurement system to dramatically reduce the acquisition cost of war fighting equipment and assets?


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