Your vote is a sacred right that deserves to be protected. Today, it is being abused. The two major parties benefit from maintaining the status quo; an election system in which only they can win. They have created enormous barriers to entry to prevent grassroots candidates, even within their own parties, from entering into the race. Candidates, who overcome the hurdles placed in front of ballot access, have to survive a second wave of attack in the form of a blatantly demonstrated bias in favor of those candidates who have “political privilege” (i.e., candidates who are clearly party “insiders”). Finally, the few candidates who continue to battle at the ballot box potentially face the reality of election fraud.

I suffered through every phase of that political onslaught during the Democratic primary as I sought that party’s presidential nomination. I am no longer running to win the presidency; I am running to preserve our Democracy.

During this campaign, I hope to expose the travesty that is being perpetrated on the American people; how you are being denied choice, and how your vote is being taken from you. I’ll also offer solutions, but I hope to hear from you as well with respect to the type of election reform you want to see. Together, we can make ourselves heard and make sure that #YourVoteCounts.

Election Reform

Groups have been trying to affect election reform for decades and failed. Part of the problem is that neither of the parties in power will support it because it is in the People’s best interest rather than the parties’. The other part of the problem is that these groups often try to solve the problem for every single office.

The first issue will not go away until we begin to replace the career politicians who benefit from the status quo with individuals who truly want to serve our country (Term Limits anyone?).

The second issue can be addressed immediately by focusing on the presidency and vice presidency. These are the only two federal positions in our government. While states can claim a nexus with their Senators and Representatives, who uniquely represent their residents, no such claim can be made to the offices of President and Vice President. Additionally, the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution precludes the states from overriding federal law, and the Twelfth Amendment speaks to the election of these offices. We just need a simple federal law that will create a level playing field when it comes to the process associated with running and severely punishes those who would tamper with it.