The 2016 Eletion Recount Is On In Wisconsin
25 Nov

The 2016 Eletion Recount Is On In Wisconsin

Update: Another third-party candidate beat Jill Stein to the punch in Wisconsin. On Friday, November 25, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, the Reform Party and American Delta Party candidate, filed a petition to the Wisconsin Election Commission asking for a recount of the election results, citing “evidence of suspicious anomalies and unexpected results in the unaudited computer output” and “known ongoing defects and vulnerability of Wisconsin’s election technology and its management.”

Jill Stein has called for a vote recount in the battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The Green Party candidate has also already raised the over $3 million dollars needed to fund the recount, the Guardian reports.

In a statement posted on her website, Stein said, “After a divisive and painful presidential race, in which foreign agents hacked into party databases, private email servers, and voter databases in certain states, many Americans are wondering if our election results are reliable. That’s why the unexpected results of the election and reported anomalies need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. We deserve elections we can trust.”

Stein’s campaign says it is seeking the recount in order to have “protecting our democracy and ensuring that [Americans] an have confidence in reported results.”

Stein’s call for a recount comes after reports that a group of activists encouraged Hillary Clinton’s campaign to request a recount in the same states, citing voting irregularities.

The money Stein has raised so far will fund a recount in one state. The campaign says it will require an additional $6 to $7 million to fund a recount in all three states. Stein’s campaign says it will demand recounts in as many of the three states as it can afford.

The deadline for a recount request in Wisconsin is Friday, November 24. Pennsylvania’s recount request deadline is Monday, November 28. Michigan’s is Wednesday, November 30.


Posted on November 25, 2016 by Courtney E. Smith

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