De La Fuente campaign: Files for Wisconsin recount of presidential election
25 Nov

De La Fuente campaign: Files for Wisconsin recount of presidential election

Officially Submits Petitions to Wisconsin Election Commission

Cites Numerous Discrepancies and Desire to Uphold Integrity of Electoral System

MIAMI, Florida, November 25, 2016 – “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, the independent candidate for President and as the nominee of both the Reform Party and the American Delta Party, is the first candidate out of the gate to officially petition the Wisconsin Election Commission for a recount of the election results. His petition was notarized on November 23, 2016, and filed today.

De La Fuente, who was on the ballot in 20 states and eligible for Write-In in seventeen other states, cited numerous discrepancies

The following is my statement of information and belief, in support of a petition for a recount of the votes cast for the office of US President in the November 8 election, pursuant to 9.01, Wis. Stats.

The true verdict of the people in this race must not be in question if we are to consider ourselves a self-governing people with free, fair, and transparent elections. Yet despite the extremely close presidential race in Wisconsin, despite the known defects, potential for error and security vulnerabilities of elections technology, and despite federal officials’ urging that state and local election officials be vigilant, Wisconsin has as yet made no attempt to validate or verify the computer-tabulated outcome and will make none in the absence of a recount. Being informed of the many following facts, I believe there is an intolerable probability that outcome-altering mistake or fraud has been committed and that defects, irregularities, or illegalities occurred in the conduct of the election, and that these defects will not be detected or corrected under current Wisconsin laws and practices in the absence of such a recount.

The relevant facts fall into two categories:

Evidence of suspicious anomalies and unexpected results in the unaudited computer output that have been certified by Wisconsin’s county boards of canvass as final election results, which are consistent with outcome-altering fraud or error; and

Known ongoing defects and vulnerability of Wisconsin’s election technology and its management, which creates the probability of undetected errors or fraud in the results certified by Wisconsin’s county boards of canvass.

Therefore, certifying the results of this election before verification would be highly irresponsible and contrary to one of our most basic freedoms: the right to self-government through elections. We cannot tolerate a system in which computer hackers or glitches are free, undetected to substitute their will for the will of the people. Because Wisconsin law contains no requirements that election officials verify accuracy except at the initiative of the candidates themselves, through 9.01, Wis. Stats, this petition must be granted, or Wisconsin’s results in this election will forever be in question, with no basis for public confidence in the election results.

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