Third Party Candidate Files For Nevada Recount For $14,000
02 Dec

Third Party Candidate Files For Nevada Recount For $14,000

Independent presidential candidate Roque de la Fuente filed for a recount in five counties in the state of Nevada, according to a local Fox affiliate report Wednesday.

The recount will be held in Carson City, Douglas, Mineral, Nye, and Clark counties, with Fuente putting up the estimated cost of $14,000. The state of Nevada allows any candidate to file for a recount, as long as they cover the estimated cost of the proposed recount.

The cost is smaller in the State of Nevada compared to other states, because state workers will only count votes counted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Fuente. If the 5-county recount a difference from the original count of greater than 1 percent, then all votes across the state will be recounted by hand.

State law requires the recount to begin within 5 days, and to take no longer than 5 days, so the results of the Nevada recount will be announced in the next week.

Fuente also announced he prepared to file for a recount in the state of Florida, citing rampant voter fraud in the highly influential state that went to Trump in the 2016 presidential election.


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