Participate, Vote and Interact

People complain about candidates and elections. They always have, and they always will. One candidate wins and another one loses, so some supporters are happy and some are disappointed. It’s part of any election.

However, emotions run high when people don’t have faith in the election process; when they think their candidate may have lost because of an inequity in the system or some level of corruption that may have occurred. We need to recognize that reality and address it. We need to make sure that our elections are as fair as possible and that every vote counts exactly as it’s cast.

If you’ve experienced or witness any election irregularity, please tell your story in our Candidate, Election Worker and Voter Forum.

If you need a break and want to express your opinion, vote for The Most Politically Corrupt State in the Union just for fun.

If you truly care about election reform, visit our Restoring Democracy page. You can follow the lawsuits I have filed on your behalf. You can read articles and watch videos in our “Evidence” section to become far more informed about election fraud and begin to realize how little most people and the media really know about the issue. And you can check out organizations that offer great information about ballot access, election manipulation, and election fraud in our Featured “Warriors” section.

Share your experiences with me on my website. Share your ideas about how we can reform our election process. Together, we can make ourselves heard and make sure that #YourVoteCounts.