Candidate, Election Worker and Voter Forum

This Candidate, Election Worker and Voter Forum is designed to let YOUR voice be heard.

• If you were denied ballot access, TELL US!

• If you experienced disparate treatment once you qualified for the ballot (at the hands of your party, the media, etc.) that placed you at a disadvantage, TELL US!

• If you believe you suffered election fraud in the actual voting process, TELL US!

• If you were given any instructions or training to either actively misinformed voters or omit information that would otherwise allow voters to make an informed decision (as an example: an instruction that permitted voters to clearly request the wrong ballot, which would disqualify the vote), TELL US!

• If you think you observed disparate treatment of candidates at caucuses, etc., TELL US!

• If you think you observed irregularities at caucuses or at the polls (i.e., registration, voting, etc.), TELL US!


• Please identify yourself as a Candidate, Election Worker, or Voter (no other identification will be published).
• Please identify the State in which you witnessed the problem (and the District and Precinct if you know them).
• Please be as specific as possible.
• Please be civil in your comments (no foul language).
• Don’t forget to vote for the Most Politically Corrupt State in the Union and follow what we are doing to challenge the system.