Absentee voting brisk for election
02 Nov

Absentee voting brisk for election

Nearly 600 voters had cast absentee ballots in the Nov. 8 general election by Tuesday in the Neshoba County Circuit Clerk’s Office and that number was expected to climb much higher by Saturday.

Monday alone, 53 people voted absentee, Deputy Circuit Clerk Jennifer Glass said.

She expects that number to reach or surpass the 927 who voted absentee in the 2012 general election when Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney were on the ballot for president.

Eligible residents can vote absentee now through noon on Saturday in the clerk’s office in the Courthouse.

Neshoba County has 17,179 registered voters.

In the 2012 race for President, 57 percent of the registered voters here cast ballots, with Romney polling 91 percent in the race.

The general election is set for Tuesday with polls open for 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Voters in the Southeast Philadelphia precinct will cast ballots at the Philadelphia Country Club for the first time.

Voters will face a short ballot with only four contested races: President, House of Representatives, Third Congressional District; Supreme Court Justice, District 1, Position 3; and Court of Appeals, District 3, Position 1.

Candidates on the ballot include:

  • For President: Hillary Clinton, Democrat; Donald J. Trump, Republican; Darrell Castle, Constitution; ‘Rocky’ Roque De La Fuente, American Delta; Jim Hedges, Prohibition; Gary Johnson, Libertarian; and Jill Stein, Green.
  • For U. S. House of Representatives: Gregg Harper, Republican; Dennis C. Quinn, Democrat; Roger I. Gerrard, Veterans; and Lajena Sheets, Reform.
  • For Supreme Court Justice: Kenny Griffis and Jim Kitchens.
  • For Court of Appeals: Ed Hannan, Jack Wilson and Dow Yoder.

Uncontested races on the ballot five incumbent election commissioners: Ruby Breazeale, District 1; Martha G. Whittle, District 2; Harold Richardson, District 3; Heather Kennedy, District 4 and Callie Yvonne Jackson Moore, District 5.

There are also two uncontested county School Board races: Michelle Phillips, District 1 and Davis Fulton, District 2.

Source: http://www.neshobademocrat.com/Content/NEWS/News/Article/Absentee-voting-brisk-for-election/2/297/39752

Posted on November 2, 2016 by Debbie Burt Myers

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