Ballot draw held
30 Nov

Ballot draw held

Ballot draw held

Dennis Gilstrap of Van Buren will be listed first on the primary election ballot in the race for Crawford County judge when voters go to the polls March 1.

Gilstrap will be opposed by Wade Lewis, also of Van Buren, in the Republican primary.

The winner will not have a Democratic opponent in the November 2016 general election.

Gilstrap earned the top spot during a ballot draw Tuesday afternoon in the Crawford County Clerk’s Office.

Cliff Weldon drew the top position on the ballot in the assessor’s race. Lloyd Cole is second and Sandra Heiner is third. All are Republicans and from Van Buren.

The winner will face Connie Beyerle of Van Buren, an independent, in November.

Republican incumbent Beverly Pyle of Cedarville will be listed first in the treasurer’s race with Marsha Smith of Rudy second. The winner will be opposed by Ashley Ewald of Uniontown, a Democrat, in the general election.

Jayson Peppas of Alma will have the No. 1 position in the race for District 10 justice of the peace with incumbent Cleo Coatney of Rudy second. Independent candidate Elaine Stanfield of Alma will face the winner in the general election.

In the Republican primary for District 81 state representative, Derek Goodlin will be listed first with Bruce Coleman second. The winner will have no opponent.

Other primary race drawings were:

• U.S. Senate: Curtis Coleman, first; Sen. John Boozman, second.

• State Supreme Court chief justice Position 1: State Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson, first; Judge Dan Kemp, second.

• State Supreme Court associate justice Position 5: Clark Mason, first; Judge Shawn Womack, second.

• Republican candidates for president: Marco Rubio, first; Rick Santorum, second; Donald Trump, third; Ben Carson, fourth; Gov. Chris Christie, fifth; Ted Cruz, sixth; John R. Kasich, seventh; Carly Fiorina, eighth; Rand Paul, ninth; Lindsey Graham, 10th; Jeb Bush, 11th; Bobby Jindal, 12th; and Mike Huckabee, 13th.

Democratic candidates for president; Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, first; Bernie Sanders, second; Hillary Clinton, third; John Wolfe, fourth; James Valentine, fifth; and Martin J. O’Malley, sixth.


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