Meet the candidates on Wisconsin’s presidential ballot you’ve probably never heard of
02 Nov

Meet the candidates on Wisconsin’s presidential ballot you’ve probably never heard of

Voters are very familiar with the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, and the Republican nominee Donald Trump. Many also know Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson, but perhaps are not as familiar with their party platforms.

And there are a couple more candidates on the Wisconsin ballot who are likely new to many voters. Who are they and what do they stand for? Here’s an introduction.

Constitution Party: A Bible-based political party dedicated to advancing laws that are “patterned after God’s laws as found in the Bible,” according to its website. It was formerly the U.S. Taxpayers Party and was started in Wisconsin in 1991, according to its website.

The party is based on the belief that the U.S. Constitution “established a republic under God, rather than a democracy.”

Its candidates:

Presidential candidate Darrell L. Castle is a personal injury attorney based in Memphis, Tenn. Castle is a Vietnam War veteran. Here is where he stands on the issues.

His running mate Scott N. Bradley is a business owner based in Utah and has run for the U.S. Senate twice.

Green Party: A political party based on more environmental protections, increased spending on education and policies that support “true social, economic, and environmental justice,” according to its website. It promotes policies that limit large corporate farming and promote small farmers, according to its website.

Here is its policy platform.

Its candidates:

Presidential candidate Jill Stein is a physician and is based in Massachussetts where she has run for office with the Green Party several times. She was also the party’s 2012 candidate for president. Here is how she’s answered policy questions.

Ajamu Baraka is her running mate. He is a longtime grassroots activist and organizer who is currently an editor and contributor for Black Agenda Report, according to his website.

Workers World Party: A communist party formed in 1959 that believes the working class and the oppressed are agents of change. It also believes that “the only thing that can save humanity at this critical juncture is worldwide revolution, with the goal of abolishing capitalism,” according to its website.

Presidential candidate Monica Moorehead is an activist and organizer who has written on anti-racist, anti-death penalty and criminal justice issues. She is a former kindergarten teacher and was also the party’s candidate for president in 1996 and 2000.

Lamont Lilly is her running mate. He is an activist and journalist based in North Carolina.


Posted on November 2, 2016 by Katelyn Ferral

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