Nevada’s Democratic Party Rigs the Game Against Rocky De La Fuente
18 Feb

Nevada’s Democratic Party Rigs the Game Against Rocky De La Fuente

LAS VEGAS – Feb. 18, 2016 – PRLog — Democratic Presidential Candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente is used to long odds. As a Hispanic American, he has faced them his entire life. He just did not expect to have to face them in Nevada where he had hoped the political game would be fair. It appears that the Nevada Democratic Party will try to shift the odds in favor of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by only openly acknowledging their candidacies in the state’s caucuses.

You may not have heard of De La Fuente, but you would have had the game not been rigged. Until California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla acknowledged the legitimacy of De La Fuente’s candidacy by placing him on that state’s primary ballot, this real-life “Rocky” had been denied “automatic” ballot access by every Democratic State Party that controls who is included on its ballot.

Clinton and Sanders are added to ballots and listed on caucus sign-in sheets without having to overcome any hurdle. However, both parties have erected significant hurdles to keep grassroots activists like De La Fuente off the ballots and out of the caucuses. These barriers have been so extreme that no one has ever overcome them until “Rocky” came along.

He took the fight on short notice; entering the race on October 1, 2015. By the end of December, he passed former Gov. Martin O’Malley in terms of the number of states in which he had qualified, including the critical swing state of Ohio; a state in which De La Fuente made the ballot but O’Malley did not. Yet, O’Malley was included in the DNC’s debates and featured in its advertising while De La Fuente was not. The question is, “Why?”

The answer is that the DNC thinks that it should control your choice. In a Las Vegas analogy, it thinks it should get to place a bet with your money.

The DNC wants to control the minority vote. It is more averse to splitting the minority vote than a skilled Blackjack player is to splitting tens.

In this case, the DNC (and in particular its Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz) wants to keep the votes predominantly for Hillary Clinton to keep her on a roll. Wasserman Schultz was co-chair of Clinton’s 2008 campaign and apparently thinks she still serves in that capacity.

As a result, the DNC does nothing to promote a Hispanic candidate like De La Fuente or a Black candidate like Dr. Willie Wilson. It does not ask the polls to include their names which, in turn, means that they cannot possibly qualify for the national debates. This is how the party eliminated Larry Lessig from the race when he wanted to make election reform a major issue. It also perpetuates the myth that only the candidates whom the party features are viable.

De La Fuente offers the greatest proof of that fallacy in history. Despite the barriers the party has put in front of him, he has already registered and qualified to be on the ballots of about 40 states. He overcame the ridiculously high signature petition thresholds of states like Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, etc.; states in which no candidate had ever met the required goals.

So, what do caucus states like Iowa and Nevada do? They act as if no one will caucus for De La Fuente. They list him as “Other” on the sign-in sheets while highlighting the names Clinton and Sanders. They do not provide caucus areas for his preference group hoping to dissuade people from even considering supporting him. Essentially, they do everything they can to convince people not to place that bet. In this game of political roulette, you can only choose the number the croupier picks for you.

The bias is beginning to wear on De La Fuente. “I met Debbie Wasserman Schultz in New Hampshire just before she went on stage and asked her to treat me fairly,” said De La Fuente. “She told me that it was impossible for her to get involved because she had to remain neutral; she couldn’t favor a candidate until the general elections.” He continued, “I told her I wasn’t asking for special treatment, just equal treatment. She walked away and went on stage and said how proud she was to introduce the final two Democratic candidates for President who were in the race. That’s garbage!”

Interestingly enough, in a CNN interview on February 11th, Jake Tapper asked Wasserman Schultz, “What do you tell voters who are new to the process who say this (the use of Superdelegates) makes them feel like it’s all rigged?” The DNC Chair answered, “Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.”

Apparently, a lot of other party rules have been created “to make sure party leaders… don’t have to be… running against grassroots activists” either. Apparently, the House always wins when you are gambling with the DNC.

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