Presidential Candidate: Roque de la Fuente
14 Oct

Presidential Candidate: Roque de la Fuente

A story that’s on just about everyone’s minds is the presidential election.

But this story isn’t about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

In fact, you may not realize that there are dozens of people running for president, some in just one state, some in several.

In Montana, five people are on the ballot, Trump and Clinton of course, many of you knows the Green Party candidate Jill Stein and the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

But how about Roque de la Fuente?

We spoke with him this afternoon via Skype.

His campaign video states, “He proposes a presidential candidacy to serve the people who, like him, believe that politics can help America become an even better country,”

Roque de la Fuente is a businessman from San Diego, California. He turned his father’s Volkswagen dealership into a real estate development empire, owning dozens of car dealerships, banks, assisted living facilities, and way too many more holdings to mention them all. He’s a millionaire many times over.

Our first question for him: Why are you running for president of the United States?

“This is going to be remembered as the worst election in the history of the United States with two clowns, says presidential candidate Roque de la Fuente. “That the whole world is laughing at us. You love this country – – and so do I – – and I think we are embarrassed for the world to see that that’s the best two people we have to offer.”

De la Fuente’s name is on the ballot in 20 states. He’s registered as a write-in in 20 more states. And the rest his status is either pending or he’s suing to get on the ballot.

He’s running on the Reform ticket in some of the states, and the American Delta Party, a party he created, in several others, including Montana.

“The democrats have gotten to the extreme left, says presidential candidate Roque de la Fuente. “The republicans have gotten to the extreme right. 20% are to the extreme left; 20% are to the extreme right. The 60% in the middle. I represent the 60% in the middle.”

So where does he stand on the issues?

“Jobs, jobs and more jobs – – millions of them – – at high-paying wages, says presidential candidate Roque de la Fuente. “We need to provide all the people free education. A 12% flat tax would be perfect for the united states. Every man, woman or child has the right to bear arms. I believe it is a woman’s right to choose. So, global warming is real.”

De la Fuente is about 7 million dollars into his campaign, and he thinks, should the major party candidates fail to reach a majority of electoral votes – – or should they tie, he has a shot.

“I could become the next president,” says presidential candidate Roque de la Fuente.

And he has a message for Montanans

“You have the ability to tell trump, No way!” and Hillary, “we can’t afford you for four more years,” says presidential candidate Roque de la Fuente. “So, this is a gorgeous opportunity for Montanans to show they’re 100% independent.”

After our interview this afternoon Mr. de la Fuente said he is so excited about Montana that he plans to come to the state at the end of the month – – the only presidential candidate so far to commit to coming here post-primaries.


Posted on October 14, 2016 by David Winter

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