Right at deadline, Idaho’s presidential ballot balloons to eight candidates
25 Aug

Right at deadline, Idaho’s presidential ballot balloons to eight candidates

Idaho’s presidential ballot for November ballooned up to eight candidates today, as three independents turned in enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. The three who qualified today were Jill Stein, who’s the Green Party nominee; Darrell Castle, who’s the national Constitution Party nominee; and David Evan McMullin, a Republican and former House GOP aide who’s launched a last-minute campaign out of opposition to Trump.

Another independent, Rocky De La Fuente, already had qualified. So that brings the number of candidates who will appear on Idaho’s presidential ballot in November up to eight, the highest number in the past two decades:

Donald Trump, Republican; Hillary Clinton, Democrat; Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party; Scott Copeland, Idaho Constitution Party; and the four independents – Stein, Castle, De La Fuente and McMullin.

Four years ago, there were six candidates on Idaho’s presidential ballot; in 2008 and 2004, there were five. In 2000, there were six.

Here are the tallies of valid Idaho voter signatures the independents turned in to qualify for the ballot, according to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office; each needed 1,000: McMullin, 1,168; Stein, 1,292; De La Fuente, 1,034; and Castle, 1,152.

Source: http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/boise/2016/aug/25/right-deadline-idahos-presidential-ballot-balloons-eight-candidates/

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