Rocky de la Fuente is Speaking, and People are Listening
13 Oct

Rocky de la Fuente is Speaking, and People are Listening

American voters are very well informed, and they are interested in and concerned with a large number of important political issues. It is essential that people be aware of the factors affecting their lives and that of their families, and any good candidate for office will be as fluent in these issues as the people electing them have every right to expect them to be. Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente is no exception, and he is ready to address his constituents’ feelings and concerns on the important matters of the day.

Obviously, defense is an extremely important issue. We live in a post 911 America in which radical jihad is a serious danger to each and every one of us. Unfortunately, we also live in a nation that has used this real threat as a pretense for excessive foreign wars and other military interventions in other countries that have done us no harm. The purpose of the United States military is to secure the safety and liberty of all Americans, not to campaign around the world for flimsy reasons. Rocky understands this, and believes in putting the security of America first – not sacrificing American blood and treasure abroad unless absolutely necessary.

Closely related to defense is the issue of foreign policy, but this raises its own sets of concerns. Primarily, our biggest problem as it relates to our interactions with other countries is the amount of money we spend on them. This is money that the government could better – and more properly – use to fulfill its constitutional obligation of providing for the common good. In other words, people are hungry in America. People are poor, and homeless. Rocky understands that if we reduce our commitments around the world, we will be left with more resources to address the problems at home, affecting our native citizens.

Rocky de la Fuente is speaking, and people are listening. Rocky has been gratified by the tremendous interest shown in his campaign by the public, as demonstrated by the huge traffic being recorded by his website. He takes the interest of voters seriously, and he and his team have been working hard to make sure that the website is well organized and set up to provide the most information possible about him and his candidacy. He understands that people want to know him before they will vote for him, and he is committed to ensuring that they have that opportunity.

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