Rocky’s Story – Part 1 of 3
05 Aug

Rocky’s Story – Part 1 of 3

We are all in the same boat

“My mother is from Monterrey, Mexico. She was number 7 of 15 brothers and sisters, I have 54 first cousins from that side. My father is from Tuxpam, Veracruz, Mexico. He is number 3 of 3. I have 12 cousins on that side. I was born in San Diego, California.”

“According to Trump, we would be considered ‘anchor babies.’ He thinks that an ‘anchor baby’ is whoever was born in the United States and came from parents that technically are not Americans. First of all, anyone who is born and lives in the American continent happens to be American. Now, if he would like to put a disclaimer that says, ‘born in the United States from parents that were not born in the United States,’ but then you would have to go into further analysis.’ For example, my father’s last name is ‘De La Fuente’ from Spain. His second last name from my grandmother is Alexander from England. My father’s full last name is De La Fuente Alexander. So, from my father’s side, I have 75% Spanish blood and 25% English blood. Now, it’s important to highlight that my father was born in Mexico and we consider ourselves 100% Mexican, 100% Latin and 100% Hispanic. But if we take it one step behind, then it’s 75% Spanish and 25% English.”

“If we take a look at the English side, there was a gentleman by the name of Daniel Alexander. He was one of the first settlers in the United States that came on the Mayflower from England. So you can tell Mr. Trump that my family was one of the first settlers that came in the Mayflower and just because some of my ancestors decided to settle in Mexico and I was born in the United States, doesn’t make me an anchor baby. You can tell Mr. Trump to shove it! Ok?”

“Anyway, if you take a look at my mother’s side, her last name is Guerra, 75% comes from Spain. Her second last name is Izaguirre, that’s from San Sebastian, which happens to be the Basque Country. If we take a look at what happened with that grandmother, she married a French guy. So, from my mother’s side, I am 100% Hispanic, 100% Mexican but if you go a generation behind, I’m 75% Spanish, 12.5% Basque and 12.5% French, so I’m just a mixture and a lot of people in America are in the same boat.”

“I have lived in Mexico City, Costa Rica, Uruguay and my first language happened to be Spanish and I feel as comfortable with Spanish as I do with English. Puedo cambiar de un idioma al otro sin problema. [In English: I can shift from one language to the other without a problem.] I can go back and forth. When I speak in English, I think in English. When I speak in Spanish, I think in Spanish. But more importantly than knowing the language, you need to understand the cultures; you need to understand the different slangs and the different words from each region. I can sit down with the Head of State or I can sit down in the middle of the country with anybody, maybe even on his home and or floor, and sometimes it’s more interesting to sit with common people than to sit with a Secretary of State, who are sometimes very boring.”

“I had the advantage that I received an education in the United States and also in Mexico, and of course, I was also educated through my world travels. That basically gives me a general culture, so I can say that I have under my belt a common knowledge on a minimum of 12 different cultures. So, I’m very well versed in different cultures and languages and my kids, for example, speak from 3 to 12 languages. I have five beautiful kids. My specialty is numbers and my son Ricardo’s specialty is languages. He speaks about 12 different languages. I wish he could have been better at numbers, but it’s quite remarkable at the same time.”

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“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, 61 years old #American #Mexican

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