Rocky’s Story – Part 2 of 3
05 Aug

Rocky’s Story – Part 2 of 3

“My parents were living in Tijuana, Mexico in 1953. My sister was born in March and my mother decided to travel to Monterrey, Mexico so she could have her first-born daughter there in the comfort of her home and with her family. My sister was born in Monterrey surrounded by the eyes and ears of her 26 cousins and 14 uncles, and a grandfather and a grandmother. By the time that I was born, my father did not want to pay for the trip back to Monterrey, Mexico. He told my mother, ‘we live in Tijuana and we have beautiful hospitals here and in San Diego too, take your pick!’ And my mother decided that she was going to be taken care of by an American doctor and so, I was born at the Mercy Hospital.”

“Back then, my father was doing business in Mexico, the United States, Germany, and Japan. With those types of opportunities, my father decided to eventually migrate to the United States and live in San Diego. My family has been doing business in the United States for over 75 years. Well, my father passed away but his first Job was as a Waiter, then in the automobile world, and then he grew into the real estate empire and we started buying & selling real estate in San Diego county many, many decades ago.”

“Luckily enough my father sent me to schools in the USA & Mexico, I was educated by Dominican Sisters in a military academy and luckily based on that particular education I was able to speak English with not such a strong accent. I was also able to study in Mexico City, which gave me the flavor to understanding 100% the structure and the power of Mexico City. That’s basically my background.”

“I started working when I was 9 years old. I had my first employee at age 11. I’ve been working for 52 years even though I’m 61. The first time I paid taxes in the United States was at the age of 14.”

“I did face racial issues but it would always depend on where I was… If I was in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, it wasn’t that bad. But if I was at a Texas border, Arizona or San Diego the answer is, of course. The majority of the people don’t like other people that have a Hispanic surname or speak Spanish. Of course, most of it is basically based on ignorance. Some of them once they got to know me and they knew that I had common sense, and that I had a little bit of general knowledge, and that I have traveled and that I spoke more than one language, all of a sudden they felt intimated. First they thought that they were superior, second, they thought that they could push me to the floor… and then I would say, ‘wait a minute, let’s compare your ancestry with mine, your culture with mine and your general knowledge with mine’ at that moment, they would realize that education is education, knowledge is knowledge.”

Happiest moments

“I’ve had many happy moments in my life. My five kids, for example, each one of them, when they were born made me very happy. They give me unbelievable pleasure and satisfaction.”

“Also, being recognized by the Democratic Party in California and voted unanimously to represent them in the 1992 Convention in New York as a Delegate-At-Large. There is the Delegate, there is the Super Delegate and there is the Delegate-At-Large. I was the first Hispanic ever to be elected to that position & it was unanimously by all the delegates to represent the State of California as a Delegate At- Large in 1992.”

“I was also selected to be unanimous to be Chairman of the Mexican-American Foundation in 1988. I was very proud of that moment.”

“In 1982 I was elected Chairman of the National Dealer Council in the USA for the then 3rd largest automobile company in the world. This was to represent all the dealers in the United States. Now, the average person that takes that particular job normally is about 60 to 70 years old. I was 28 years old at the time. Imagine being the chairman of the National Dealer Council at that age for the 3rd largest automobile company in the world. Let me put that in perspective, first, you have to be selected by all your fellow dealers and the average age is 55. To be able to be chairman in ’82, I had to become Vice Chairmen in ’81, National Dealer Council ‘80, Regional Dealer Council 1979, California Dealer Council in ’78, Southern California in ’77 and San Diego County in ’76.”

“At that time, I was determined, I was outspoken, I was aggressive and basically, whatever I had in my mind, I’d let the whole world know about it. Most of the dealers said, ‘this little gutsy kid has more balls than all of us combined. He basically has more general knowledge in the industry, thus outperforms every one of them combined. I was basically elected by my fellow dealers to be the head of the union, the chairman for the dealer and to represent them against abuses by the manufacturer.”

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