Rocky’s Story – Part 3 of 3
05 Aug

Rocky’s Story – Part 3 of 3

Why I decided to run for U.S. Senator

“When I saw how Mr. Trump, ‘Pelos de Elote’ basically go in and insult every Hispanic, man, woman and child, then I saw him insult his fellow candidate, the Muslims, then the Catholics… I said, ‘what’s wrong with this guy? Didn’t anybody teach him some proper manners? Didn’t they give him any education? Wasn’t his mother or his father telling him that he needs to treat people with a little more respect?’ And at that moment, I really felt upset. I felt very upset because at that moment I didn’t see the President of Mexico or King of Spain, I didn’t see the President of any country or any other minority that he insulted in the United States speak up. I didn’t see President Obama or anybody saying wait a minute this guy is coming out of left field and it appears that what he was saying was the gospel. And we were going to be interrupted by this mad man that was basically using his ignorance to try to insult us to advance his career.”

“So at that moment, I decided that I was going to give the American people an alternative. Because I really saw the potentiality last August, last September for this mad man being able to repeat history and becoming another leader like the one Germany had in 1941. The Germans wish that that didn’t happen, but it did! The Germans wish they could have done something before that man reached power, but they didn’t.”

“And I said, ‘I’m not going to stand on the sidelines for this one.’ So, I decided to basically run for my party, the one that elected me to the National Convention in 1992 that I mentioned that I was a Delegate-At-Large, I decided to compete for my Party’s nomination for the President of the United States. Now, at the same token, I thought… I was a little naïve… I thought that they were going to invite me to the debates, that they were going to give me exposure, and that they were going to play democratic, and that they were not going to cheat. And what I encountered was a whole legacy of discrimination a whole legacy of civil rights discrimination, basically orchestrated the majority of it who is one lady that was the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But at the same time, I did my fight, and I fought, and fought and fought, and at this point I am happy to report that despite the obstacles and barriers that I had to overcome, I still managed to come in 3rd for that nomination of the democratic party by being ahead in many states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, etc.”

“Now, today we still haven’t received the nomination. The nomination is happening on the 25th of this month [July]. Of course, you already saw yesterday Bernie endorsing Hillary. So it appears that the party is going to make her the nominee. I believe it’s the wrong choice, I think Bernie would have been a better choice. And of course, I believe that I would have been a better choice than both of them. Unfortunately, the establishment and the ‘same all, same all’ are prevailing. But at the same token, what is the other most important race? The most important race for humankind is the President of United States. And unfortunately, we have two terrible options. Trump is a horrible option and Hillary is just as bad.”

“If I had to pick between both of them, I would probably pick Hillary. Either one is going to leave a sad mark in American history.”

“But let’s take a look at the second most important race. Today, of course, the Republicans control the house and they are going to control it for the foreseeable two, four, six more years. I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. It’s going to stay Republican-controlled. At the same token, there is the Senate… The Senate is quite a little bit different. Today there is 44 Democratic Senators, 2 Independent and there are currently 54 Republicans. As you are aware, there is a total of 100 Senators in the U.S. Congress. Those 100 Senators have to get reelected every 2 years. This year, 2016, there are 34 senators getting reelected but in this particular reelection there are 24 Republican seats up for grabs and there are 10 democratic seats up for grabs. Using simple mathematics, and considering it’s a Presidential year, it is more likely than not that the Republicans will lose some seats. My estimation is that they will lose a total of 5 seats. One of the most convenient, one of the toughest is the one for the State of Florida.”

“In Florida, the Republicans currently hold a seat under a leadership of Mr. Rubio, who is not very well liked. He does not represent the Florida people; he represents just the selected few. Now, he told the world that he was not going to run for reelection because he hated the job and that he was going to do other things. Well, it appears that now he wants the income from it, and it appears that he wants the job back. But once you resign you don’t get an opportunity to have it back but we, the people of Florida, have already accepted his resignation.”

“So please, Mr. Rubio: let other people that have a little more common sense and other people that will represent all of Florida, step up the plate.”

“I have to do a stop. My first stop is August 30th, I am competing against to other fellow Democrats that are currently sitting congressman and are well know in their specific districts. Maybe not for good things, maybe they are known for bad things, but that’s not for me to judge. It’s the people from Florida that make the decision if they’re happy with their current representation from those two congressmen. Or, if they want some fresh blood, someone that is not part of the establishment or someone that has not been endorsed by the establishment.”

“I decided to run against those two seasoned politicians in hopes that my message gets across and I am selected by the Democrats in Florida to become their nominee. If I am successful on August 30th, then I will then be competing on November 8th for the U.S. Senate against Rubio. It could be him or it could be Carlos. I believe Carlos would be a better Senator than Rubio and I would rather confront Carlos because, in that case, the state of Florida would get two good candidates. I think Rubio is a bad choice.”

“There is a beautiful phrase that my mother used to say a lot and that I repeat quite often: ‘El Derecho al Respeto Ajeno es la Paz.’ [In English: Respecting the rights of others is peace.] A very interesting individual, Benito Juarez, gave us that quote. That quote summarizes it all. I believe that this quote should be tattooed on Trump’s forehead.”

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“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, 61 years old #American #Mexican

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