Trump makes Minnesota ballot at last minute
26 Aug

Trump makes Minnesota ballot at last minute

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Donald Trump will appear on the ballot in Minnesota, after a last-minute scramble by state Republicans who discovered Wednesday that their nominee was not yet on the ballot.

Spokesman: Filing is complete
By Tom LoBianco CNN

The party had until Monday to submit the names of 10 electors and 10 alternate electors — the people who will officially cast Minnesota’s votes for president — to the Secretary of State.

“We just received the last item. We were waiting for a pledge from one of the alternate electors. The filing is complete and the Republican ticket should be listed on our site shortly,” Secretary of State spokesman Ryan Furlong said in an email Thursday afternoon.

A sample ballot produced on the Secretary of State’s website Thursday morning showed third party candidate Evan McMullin and candidates for many other parties on the ballot, including former Democratic candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, now with the American Delta Party — but no Trump.

A request for comment from the Minnesota Republican Party was not immediately returned, nor was a request for comment from the Trump campaign was not immediately returned.

McMullin is mounting a third-party bid as a conservative, supported by anti-Trump Republicans.

Former Minnesota Republican operative Michael Brodkorb spotted the omission late Wednesday and detailed the problems in a series of tweets.

“Again: Process for Trump to be on MN ballot. #MNGOP didn’t officially elect alternate electors – trouble ahead? Yep.” Brodkorb tweeted early Thursday morning.

Brodkorb did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.


Author: Tom LoBianco, CNN
POSTED: 12:08 PM EDT Aug 25, 2016
UPDATED: 02:56 PM EDT Aug 25, 2016

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