Vote Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente in 2016!
16 Oct

Vote Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente in 2016!

As we head into the 2016 presidential election, an extremely important issue facing the country is that of immigration. This has always been important to consider, though for fewer reasons than today. Traditionally, the immigration debate has largely been focused on people entering the country from Mexico, especially since large numbers of such people do so illegally. The worry is conservative circles has been for the loss of American jobs to these new, foreign workers, as well as a potential drain on national resources if they use taxpayer funded health care or send their children to public schools.

Now, however, immigration becomes deadly serious. We live in a world in which terrorist organizations long to infiltrate and plant bombs – or otherwise terrorize – the United States, and many people are fearful and uncertain about the consequences of letting too many immigrants enter the nation even legally. This fear is made worse by the refugee crisis we now face from the war torn nation of Syria – right in the heart of the dangerous Middle East. It’s an understandable concern, because we live in a post 911 country that has seen the impact that terrorism can have on us and our fellow citizens, even as we strive to be caring, compassionate people who tend to our fellow man.

Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente understands this delicate issue, and the critical importance of addressing it with a careful yet firm hand. He acknowledges that it would be unAmerican to turn our backs on people who need our help, especially war refugees fleeing chaos and violence in their homelands. Simultaneously, he puts American security first and would insist on careful vetting of all immigrants seeking entrance to this country, regardless of their religion or nation of origin. No one who is dangerous or potentially dangerous to America will enter our country.

In truth, Rocky’s immigration policy is quite similar to that of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Like Secretary Clinton, Rocky believes in immigration reform that makes it possible for desperate people – again, those seeking refuge or to better themselves and not pose a danger to Americans – to enter the United States legally and have a chance to enjoy the American dream. Rocky and Clinton also both recognize that immigrants built this country into the great nation that it is today, and that we must not now begin shunning them when they need us the most.

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