De La Fuente Consistently Beats Stein and Others in Student Mock Election
03 Nov

De La Fuente Consistently Beats Stein and Others in Student Mock Election

Williamson County students chose Donald Trump for president, according to mock election results released Thursday.

Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, won the student vote in nearly all participating high schools.

All of the district’s high schools, except Nolensville High, held a mock presidential election from late October to early November.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton only won the mock election at Renaissance High School, although by a small margin — only 5 percentage points. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson captured at least 10 percent of the vote at five high schools.

Page High and Summit High students showed the greatest preference for Trump.

About 62 percent of Page High’s students voted for Trump, while 20 percent voted for Clinton. Similarly, about 62 percent of Summit High’s students voted for Trump, while 21 percent voted for Clinton.

Trump narrowly won the vote at Centennial High and Franklin High, where he beat Clinton by eight percentage points or less.

Teachers often use current events to convey the relevance of their lessons. Mock elections help teach students about civic participation.

Student participation was voluntary. The ballot included Trump, Clinton and independent candidates Johnson, Rocky De La Fuente and Jill Stein.

Statewide mock election

Williamson’s mock election results mirrored the results of a statewide mock election.

Trump captured 53.1 percent of the the statewide vote, while Clinton captured 34.3 percent of the vote.

About 165,968 students representing 479 schools from 90 of the state’s 95 counties participated in the statewide mock election.

“I’m thrilled that so many students and teachers from across our great state got behind this project with such passion,” said Secretary of State Tre Hargett in a statement. “Hopefully giving civics such an important role in the classroom translates into engaged citizens who continue exercising their right to vote when they are old enough to vote in real elections.”

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How Williamson schools voted

Brentwood High
–Trump: 51 percent
–Clinton: 27 percent
–Johnson: 10 percent
–De La Fuente: 6 percent
–Stein: 3 percent
–Other: 3 percent

Centennial High
–Trump: 44 percent
–Clinton: 38 percent
–Johnson: 10 percent
–De La Fuente: 4 percent
–Stein: 3 percent
–Other: 2 percent

Franklin High
–Trump: 43 percent
–Clinton: 35 percent
–Johnson: 5 percent
–De La Fuente: 8 percent
–Stein: 4 percent
–Other: 5 percent

Fairview High
–Trump: 59 percent
–Clinton: 16 percent
–Johnson: 13 percent
–De La Fuente: 2 percent
–Stein: 6 percent
–Other: 4 percent

Independence High
–Trump: 56 percent
–Clinton: 23 percent
–Johnson: 15 percent
–De La Fuente: 3 percent
–Stein: 6 percent
–Other: 1 percent

Page High
–Trump: 62 percent
–Clinton: 20 percent
–Johnson: 7 percent
–De La Fuente: 6 percent
–Stein: 4 percent
–Other: 1 percent

Ravenwood High
–Trump: 46 percent
–Clinton: 33 percent
–Johnson: 10 percent
–De La Fuente: 4 percent
–Stein: 3 percent
–Other: 3 percent

Renaissance High
–Trump: 31 percent
–Clinton: 36 percent

Summit High
–Trump: 62 percent
–Clinton: 21 percent
–Johnson: 9 percent
–De La Fuente: 4 percent
–Stein: 4 percent
–Other: 0 percent


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