De La Fuente Files Suit Against California; Demands Write-In Status
04 Nov

De La Fuente Files Suit Against California; Demands Write-In Status

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, November 4, 2016 / — For Immediate Release
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De La Fuente Files Suit Against California; Demands Write-In Status

ORLANDO, Florida, November 4, 2016 – “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente filed an emergency writ of mandamus against California’s Secretary of State today demanding inclusion as a write-in candidate in next Tuesday presidential election. De La Fuente had filed the necessary documentation and only learned of his exclusion when his name did not appear on the Secretary of State’s website listing of write-in candidates. He had not been informed by the state prior to that.

Along with all other necessary documentation, De La Fuente had 57 notarized elector forms filed on October 10th; two more than the required number of 55 electors and 15 days in advance of the state’s October 25th deadline. In a routine check of the Secretary of State’s website on October 28th when the list was first published, De La Fuente discovered that he was not included.

“I immediately contacted the Secretary of State’s office and demanded to know why, and I was told that seven electors didn’t provide correct information.” said De La Fuente. “I know every one of them and can confirm that the information they provided was accurate.”

rocky2016_de-la-fuente-files-suit-against-california-demands-write-in-status“Then, I get a letter on November 2nd from Steven J. Reyes, Chief Counsel of the Secretary of State’s office, which says they (the Secretary of State’s office) certified the list on October 25th and do not intend to provide me with an opportunity to cure the alleged defect,” said De La Fuente.

“I have two problems with that,” De La Fuente continued. “First, there were no defects, and second, the state had fifteen days to inform me before the deadline passed but chose not to.”

Reye’s letter framed the basis of rejection as “No registration record found with address provided on declaration” for six of the individuals and “No registration record found” for the other.

Richard Winger, one of the nation’s leading experts in election law, challenged the state’s position in an article in Ballot Access News. Winger wrote, “None of the election code references in the letter say anything about whether elector candidates must be registered voters. Section 8651 says a write-in declaration of candidacy must include the name, address, an oath supporting the Constitution, the date of the general election, and the name of the presidential candidate. Section 8652 consists solely of the write-in deadline. Section 349 defines ‘residence’ and ‘domicile’ but says nothing about registration.” De La Fuente’s writ of mandamus argues the same.

Winger went on to note, “The California Secretary of State has accepted the Republican presidential elector list, even though one of the Republican electors, Arun Bhumitra, holds a position with the federal government and Article II of the U.S. Constitution does not permit electors to work for the federal government.” He added, “The Republican Party did not submit any alternate elector candidates,” which would suggest that the republican slate fell short.

De La Fuente said, “Other parties included electors who don’t even live in California and cannot be registered in the state if that was actually required. For example, the American Independent Party has approved electors from New York, Virginia and North Carolina. You have to wonder why I’m being singled out.”

De La Fuente is no stranger to election irregularities. He says that he was the victim of election fraud and other forms of manipulation in the Democratic primary in which he ran. Because of this experience, he has begun to focus on election reform as one of his key issues. For more information on his position, visit his website.

De La Fuente is the presidential nominee of both the Reform Party and American Delta Party and is running in some states as an independent as well. He currently is on the ballots of 20 states and has write-in status in about 15 more. While his electoral potential easily exceeds the 270 threshold, California’s 55 electoral votes are clearly important to his campaign.

De La Fuente promises to continue to fight for election reform beyond November 8th regardless of the results.


“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is living proof that the American Dream can be achieved by those who are inspired to pursue it. He has an amazing record of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. From being licensed by the FAA to fly single engine planes at the age of 20 to owning 28 automobile dealerships and becoming Chairman of the National Dealers Council for the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world by the age of 28, Rocky is in a league by himself. He also created a banking network in 1982 to help address an economic crisis in Mexico and established impressive real estate holdings throughout the United States while generating thousands of new jobs along the way. Rocky holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) and exudes a passion for his country and for those who seek the opportunity to fulfill their version of the American Dream.

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