OPEN LETTER: The Importance of Open Debates Is Not Debatable
03 Oct

OPEN LETTER: The Importance of Open Debates Is Not Debatable

October 3, 2016 – While the media continues to disparage the two major parties’ candidates, it also has chosen to only feature them. Correspondingly, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has chosen to ignore the other legitimate candidates as well. Of course, the CPD is controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties, which are not prone to encourage competition.

The parties took over the CPD in 1988 when the League of Women Voters withdrew its support because “the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter.” It seems the Democrats and Republicans had crafted a side agreement that determined which candidates could participate and who the panelists would be (among other issues). With the withdrawal of the League of Women Voters, the parties are free to exercise or abuse their discretion.

I believe it is time for our country to begin to pursue a different path. In light thereof, I have sent the following invitation to debate to the other four presidential candidates who, like me, have achieved a path to the 270 electors that are necessary to win the presidency. Since we may not get the necessary media support, I’ve included a second option; one that protects your rights and would help to restore democracy.

Here is the text of the invitation.

To: Gary Johnson
Jill Stein
Darrell Castle
Evan McMullen

Re: Open Invitation

As presidential candidates, we may have different political perspectives, but we also have a great deal in common. Each of us deeply cares about our country; each of us has had to battle against a system that has been designed to prevent our success; each of us has been denied media access equivalent to that which has been given to the Democratic and Republican nominees; and each of us has faced an uphill battle to gain relevancy during this election cycle. However, each of us has found a way to theoretically earn 270 electoral votes. It is for those reasons that this invitation is being forwarded to your attention.

Let us agree to debate on national television and then find a network with the courage and moral commitment to host the broadcast. If you prefer to decline that invitation or we collectively fail to find a cooperative network with the required qualities, then I extend a second invitation to you.

I will personally host the first American Summit between presidential candidates. The purpose of the Summit will be to allow us to share our experiences and ideas in three critical but non-ideological areas: (1) Ballot Access Reform; (2) Campaign Finance Reform; and (3) Addressing the issue of Election Fraud.

It is my belief that if we demonstrate our ability to work together in a civil manner and craft consensus solutions that will improve the integrity of our electoral process, the media may actually pay attention. More importantly, if we expose how unfair the current system is and how it is designed to preclude us from ever having a chance, the American people may begin to take note.

Neither of the major parties will ever tackle these issues because they use them to prevent grassroots competitors from gaining entry. Everything is designed to protect and preserve their political power. However, if an ideologically diverse base of candidates vying for the same position were to come together to expose the problem and offer solutions, people will notice.

The opportunities I am proposing are clear. They simply require a decision.

Are you confident enough in your positions to participate in a real debate without needing the hype of the major parties to give it credibility? In the alternative, are you willing to join me to discuss the only issues that can level the playing field for candidates like us going forward?

Please indicate whether your interest no later than October 7, 2016. This is a unique opportunity to make a difference in this campaign, potentially garner some well-deserved national attention, and shine a light on the Party (or Parties) that have honored you with their nomination. I hope you will join me.



“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente
Independent Presidential Candidate
Reform Party Nominee
American Delta Party Nominee

It is my sincere hope that the media will step up and assume its responsibility, and in any event, my fellow candidates will accept the invitation to join me in the American Summit.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

(Please feel free to express you opinion below. My only request is that you do so rationally rather than emotionally and in a civil manner that respects the rights of others to disagree.)

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