The United States currently ranks 14th in the world in education. Our Nation’s illiteracy rate remains an unacceptable 14 percent. This impacts our future quality of life as well as our ability to compete in the global market.

We have allowed competing forces to unduly influence our education system; forces that may not fundamentally share the same mission of providing the highest quality education to our children and young adults. The cost of higher education, in particular, has also skyrocketed causing graduates to leave college with an enormous burden of debt.


What if we were to refocus on the core mission of education?

What if K-12 curricula were modified to resurrect critical thinking to improve our long-term competitiveness?

What if we were to provide equal facilities and resources in grades K-12 to those who live in disadvantaged environments rather than mask the problem through a failed system of Affirmative Action?


What if we were to provide government assistance to States and universities without political “strings” attached, so that the funds could be fully allocated to improving the quality of education offered?

What if federally-funded scholarships were offered on the basis of prior and ongoing academic performance to inspire effort and reward it with greater access to upward mobility?

What if colleges and universities returned to competing for students on a basis of the quality of education they deliver as opposed to the quality of facilities?

What if student loan repayment was stratified on a basis of contribution to national needs in critical sectors. For example: a 1:1 ratio of debt reduction to dollars paid in non-targeted careers and a higher debt reduction ratio in other critical career paths (e.g., teaching, health care, first responders, etc.)?

What if we raised future generations to see the value in vocational training as well as higher education and created opportunities to accommodate it?


Would we then be able to serve as even a greater example of what democracy can accomplish than we even do today?


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