Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are spiraling toward bankruptcy. Federal legislators have raided the coffers of Social Security and squandered taxpayer contributions on unrelated programs. Medicare/Medicaid is burdened with fraud and weighed down with regulations that increase costs rather than reduce them. And while the Affordable Care Act has successfully responded to the moral imperative to expand access to insurance, it has done little to reduce costs or improve the quality of healthcare in the United States. These programs are legitimate “entitlements” because they are directly funded by taxpayer dollars. Meanwhile, other programs have taken upon a life of their own and evolved into a state in which they are perceived to be “entitlements.” Something must change.


What if the Department of Justice more readily engaged Independent Prosecutors to pursue issues with political ramifications; issues that involve fraud, abuse or political favoritism?

What if we created committees comprised of experts, as opposed to lobbyists, to help craft ministerial legislation?

What if we truly vetted theories on critical issues like Social Security, healthcare reform, minimum wage, etc. before promoting them based upon political preference (i.e., honestly analyzing their potential adverse consequences as well as their positive impact)?

What if we limited the scope of federal intervention into personal liberties as prescribed by the Ninth Amendment?

What if we allowed States to address necessary regulation beyond the scope of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution as prescribed by the Tenth Amendment?

What if we return to the concept of being a nation of laws and recognize our responsibility to apply Article V of the Constitution when social or technological evolution dictates a change?

What if we once again decided that the words “We the People” were to mean exactly what they say?



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