Connecticut voters can choose among 20 write-in candidates for president
02 Nov

Connecticut voters can choose among 20 write-in candidates for president

Connecticut voters not keen on the major party candidates running for president next Tuesday have options.
Twenty presidential wannabes successfully have registered as write-in candidates in the state, increasing the choices for voters from four to 24.
Now, in addition to Republican Donald Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein — all of whom will appear on the ballot — voters may write in the name of contenders such as Pirate Party candidate Kevin Deame of Ellington, the Reform Party’s Rocky De La Fuente, Independent Cherunda Fox or Socialist Gloria La Riva.
Quinnipiac Law School professor Jeffrey Cooper of Cos Cob is one of those who has been certified by the Secretary of the State’s office as an official presidential hopeful. Cooper told The Connecticut Post he made his decision to run at a Labor Day picnic after someone said to him, “Boy, Cooper, you should run for president. You’re as qualified as some of these other people.”
The 20 presidential write-in candidates all have named running mates and some, like Marshall Schoenke, have extensive websites outlining their views and platforms.
Schoenke is promising to “slash the budget by 1% across the board” on his first day in office and “no retirement pension or retirement health care for any elected office holder — federal, state and local.”
He also wants to implement “an all citizen draft” and “eliminate all individual death taxes and stop out of country tax loop holes.”
Liberty Line write-in candidate Tom Hoefling offers 10 “keys” to saving the American republic, and the first is “Remind the American people that the source of their rights is God, not men, and that those rights are therefore unalienable.”
Earlier this week, Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill released the full list of write-in candidates. In addition to presidential and vice presidential hopefuls, there are two write-ins for U.S. Senate, 10 for the U.S. House, and candidates for state offices.
Only write-in votes cast for those candidates who have registered with the Secretary of the State will be counted, and the deadline for registering passed on Oct. 25. If a voter writes in the name of a person who didn’t register, their vote for that office is not counted.
Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Election Day for registered voters in the state.
Merrill said long lines are expected and encouraged voters to arrive early. Election Day registration is allowed, but only at designated locations, not at polling places. Those planning on same-day registration will need to provide proof of identity and residency.
Voters can check their registration status online and find the location of their polling place by visiting
[email protected]
Write-in candidates for president

Write-in candidates for president of the United States:
Andrew D. Basiago
Paul E. Blumenthal
Robert L. Buchanan
Darrell L. Castle
Jeffrey A. Cooper
Darryl Cummings
Kevin Deame
“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente
Ronald Evans
Cherunda Fox
Tom Hoefling
Jeffrey John Klojzy Jr.
Laurence Kotlikoff
Gloria La Riva
Joseph Maldonado
Evan McMullin
Marshall Schoenke
Peter Skewes
Mike Smith
Jeffrey Anthony Wu


Published November 01. 2016 3:45PM | Updated November 02. 2016 2:12PM
By Ann Baldelli Day staff writer

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