Five presidential candidates will be on Nevada’s ballot
26 Sep

Five presidential candidates will be on Nevada’s ballot

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – In case you are not satisfied with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton heading into November, there are other options in Nevada.

On the Nevada state ballot, there will be six choices for President, five of whom are candidates and the other is the state’s popular “none of these candidates” option.

“I don’t know that it would change the outcome of the race overall, but some people feel that it’s important to have that option to make a statement,” Washoe County Registrar Luanne Cutler said.

Aside from the obvious options for the Republican and Democratic parties, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot. During his campaign, he made a stop in Reno. To find out more about the Johnson-Weld campaign, visit his website at

Darrell Castle along with running mate Scott Bradley is an option for Nevadans this November as well. They are the Independent Party candidates for 2016. According to their website, they belong to the Constitution Party. Here is more information about their campaign:

“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is running alongside Michael Steinberg. Rocky ran in the Democratic Primary this election season before launching an independent campaign. Nevada is one of 20 states that will have his name on their ballot. To learn more about his campaign, visit his website at

One notable candidate will not be on the ballot in November.

“We have had a lot of questions lately regarding the candidate for the Green Party, Jill Stein, and a lot of people asking, ‘Is she going to be on our ballot?’ Well she’s not going to be on our ballot,” Cutler said.

Enough Nevada voters are registered Independent and Libertarian that Castle and Johnson were given a spot on the ballot this November. Rocky and Jill Stein both petitioned for a spot on the ballot, but Stein fell short of the necessary number of signatures.


Author: Sydnee Scofield

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