High voter turnout expected
31 Oct

High voter turnout expected

More Rowan Countians than usual are expected to vote in next Tuesday’s general election, primarily because of the intensity of the U.S. President’s race.

County Clerk Kim Davis said that 14,847 citizens are eligible to vote, including 9,287 Democrats, 4,463 Republicans, 632 persons listing themselves as members of “other” parties and 546 listed with a specific party outside of Republican or Democrat.

The electorate includes 7,848 women and 6,995 men.

As of noon on Monday, the clerk’s office had received 439 absentee ballots by mail or by machine at the courthouse.

Davis said she expects that number to jump up to more than 500 as Election Day comes closer.

Absentee voters must swear they will be out of the country or otherwise unable to get to the polls on Election Day.

Davis said she’s prepared for as much as an 80 percent turnout, but realistically expects that number to be closer to around 55 or 60 percent.

“I expect this to be the heaviest travelled election in some time,” Davis said. “I believe people who have never voted or haven’t in some time will come to make their voices heard. Most of it is because of the presidential race. There’s a lot at stake here, not just for this generation, but many generations to come.”

The Presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton has dominated TV advertising while the Rocky Adkins (Dem.)-Wendy Fletcher (Rep.) battle for House District 99 is getting most of the exposure in Rowan County.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Rocky Roque De La Fuente (American Delta), Jill Stein (Green) and Evan McMullin (Independent) are also on the ballot for President.

The seat for junior U.S. Senator is up for grabs, as incumbent Republican Rand Paul will face off with Democrat Jim Gray.

Congressman Hal Rogers is running unopposed in the 5th Congressional District U.S. Representative race.

In the State Senate race in the 27th Senatorial District, incumbent Republican Steve West will battle Democrat challenger Charles L. Linville III.

The only contested Rowan County Board of Education race comes from the 4th district, which will see Brian Wallace go against Brenda Dehart Stamm. Jennifer Blair (3rd district) and Rick Whelan (2nd) are running unopposed.

In the City of Lakeview Heights, only four persons are running for the four city commissioner positions. They are Mary Magrane, Patrick Sam Mason, Robert Camuel and Eddie Sorrell.

The City of Morehead will have 10 running for six spots. They include incumbents Jan Bishop, Beth Ousley, Glen Teager and Carolyn Franzini. Michael Kash, Mickey Reffitt, Peg Morrow Jones, Joshua Riley, Tom Carew and write-in candidate Lesley Tackett are also running.

Polls in the county’s 18 precincts open at 6 a.m. and close at 6 p.m next Tuesday. Any voter waiting in line at 6 p.m. must be allowed to vote.

Those still wishing to vote early can at the courthouse until 4 p.m. on Monday.

Voters with age or disability limitations must have their application to vote submitted by this Tuesday.

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Source: http://www.themoreheadnews.com/news/high-voter-turnout-expected/article_3b8b95d8-9fa7-11e6-a2a1-fb9b33c751d3.html

By Brad Stacy Oct 31, 2016

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