Where does Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente stands on Education
06 Oct

Where does Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente stands on Education

The educational system of the United States of America is in a sorry state indeed. Currently, we rank 14th in the world in terms of the quality of education our children receive. The national illiteracy rate in this country is a staggering 14% – higher, it should be noted, than it was 250 years ago in the mid 18th century. This places our children at risk of a lower quality of life in the future, and it places our nation at risk of being uncompetitive in a tough global marketplace.

Much of the reason that we have come to this unacceptable state of events is because we have allowed competing forces to influence our educational system, despite the fact that some of these forces are more concerned with personal profit than the enrichment and well-being of students. Since the 1970s, average college tuitions have skyrocketed a meteoric 1000% or more, while the need for a college degree has increased right alone with it. As a result, vast numbers of young Americans have plunged themselves into crippling levels of debt as a means of acquiring their education, and all too often, are left unable to meet these financial obligations despite increased earning power.

We have a problem in basic education too, and it is a relic from dark chapters in our nation’s past. It is still difficult for children who happen to belong to an ethnic minority to gain access to educational facilities of the same quality and competence as enjoyed by the mainstream of society. We are failing these children, and we can do better.

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente understands the severity of these educational challenges, and he has a plan to overcome them. He wants to refocus on the core mission of education first and foremost, putting the needs of students above all. He believes that K-12 curricula should be modified to resurrect critical thinking and to improve our long term competitiveness. He also insists that equal facilities be provided to disadvantaged children, rather than masking the problem behind the failed cover of Affirmative Action.

Rocky knows the problems facing our educational system are great, and that the importance of solving them is equally great. That’s why he’s serious about getting to work for our children and young adults, and ensuring that they have the tools they need to be competitive.

Vote Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente for President in 2016!

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