Voters face a number of choices on ballot
24 Sep

Voters face a number of choices on ballot

CALDWELL — The general election is just over a month away. Besides electing the next president of the United States, voters have many choices to make at the local and state level.

Up for election this year are a number of state senators and representatives and Canyon County sheriff. Voters will also decide whether to pass a $180 million bond for the College of Western Idaho.

Additionally, Supreme Court justice, District Court judges and a constitutional amendment are on the ballot.

The following is a snapshot of what voters in Canyon County will see on the ballot.


During this election, voters will elect state senators and representatives in a number of contested races.

Each of the seats in Districts 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 are up for election. The only seats not facing a contestant for state representative are Brent J. Crane and Gary E Collins; both are Republicans in District 13.

District 9

Senate: Democrat Carol Bogue is challenging Republican incumbent Abby Lee.

Representative, Position A: Democrat Rejeana A. Goolsby is challenging Republican incumbent Ryan Kerby.

Representative, Position B: Republican incumbent Judy Boyle faces a challenge from Democrat Allen Schmid.

District 10

Senate: Republican incumbent Jim Rice faces challenger Democrat Ydalia Yado.

Representative, Position A: Republican incumbent Brandon Hixon faces challenger Democrat Jeremy Lopett.

Representative, Position B: Republican incumbent Greg Chaney faces challenger Democrat Warren Timothy Stevens.

District 11

Senate: Republican incumbent Patti Anne Lodge faces challenges from Indpendent Gregory L. Collett and Democrat Pat Day Hartwell.

Representative, Position A: Democrat Edward Savala will face Republican Scott Syme.

Representative, Position B: Republican incumbent Christy Perry will face Democrat Rita J. Burns and Libertarian John Charles Smith.

District 12

Senate: Democrat Chelle Gluch is challenging Republican incumbent Todd Lakey.

Representative, Position A: Republican incumbent Robert E. Anderst will face Democrat Maria Gonzalez Mabbutt.

Representative, Position B: Democrat Shana Tremaine is challenging Republican incumbent Rick D. Youngblood.

District 13

Senate: Republican Jeff C. Agenbroad faces Democrat Carl Davis.

Rep. Brent J. Crane, R-Nampa, does not face a challenger for Position A.

Rep. Gary E. Collins, R-Nampa, does not face a challenger in Position B.


After defeating two candidates in the primary election, Canyon County incumbent Sheriff Kieran Donahue, a Republican, faces Constitutional party candidate Robert Muse.

Also at the county level, there are three candidates who do not face challengers, including Republicans Tom Dale and Pam White for commissioner and Bryan F. Taylor for Prosecuting Attorney.


For justice of the Supreme Court, Robyn Brody faces Curt McKenzie.

The ballot asks whether the following judges shall be retained in office: Frank P. Kotyk, Jerold W. Lee, Dayo O. Onanubosi, James A. (J.R.) Schiller.


A $180 million bond for an expansion of the College of Western Idaho’s campuses in Canyon County and Boise is on the ballot. In Canyon County, the campus would receive a health sciences building, upgrades to classrooms and other renovations.

The bond is for 25 years at an estimated 2.84 percent interest rate. In order to pass, it must receive two-thirds of the vote.

There are three candidates seeking election to the College of Western Idaho Board of Trustees in three zones:

C.A. “Skip” Smyser is seeking election in Zone 1

Mary Carol (M.C.) Niland in Zone 2

Mark Dunham in Zone 5.

The term for each is 4 years. None of the candidates has an opponent.

This election is the first one for a new zoning system passed by the Legislature, similar to school districts in that representation is spread throughout the community college district.


Voters will decide whether to amend Article III of the state constitution to protect the Legislature’s ability to authorize state agency rule making and its power to accept or reject agency rules. This is a matter of separation of powers, as these agency rules have the force of the law behind them. An agency rule can be struck down in whole or in part.

Legislative approval or rejection of a rule is not subject to a governor’s veto power.

A simple majority is needed to amend the constitution.

The amendment was first introduced in March and was passed by both houses before going to voters.


The next U.S. President will be decided in November, plus Idahoans will select their next representatives in the U.S. Senate and House.

GOP candidate Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are joined by a number of third-party or independent candidates in Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Scott Copeland (Constitution), and independents Darrell L. Castle, Rocky de la Fuente, Evan McMullin and Jill Stein.

Republican Senator Mike Crapo is challenged by Democrat Jerry Sturgill of Boise and Constitution candidate Ray J. Writz of Coeur d’Alene.

Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Eagle, of the 1st District faces Democrat James Piotrowski of Boise. Second District Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Boise, looks to keep his seat against Boise Democrat Jennifer Martinez and Constitution Party candidate Anthony Tomkins of Twin Falls.


To find out where your polling place is, visit the elections page on the Canyon County website. Early voting begins Oct. 11 and runs through Nov. 4. Early voting takes place at the elections office on normal business hours and on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Voters may request an absentee ballot by filling out a request and submitting it to the elections office by mail, email, or fax. The request is due by 4 p.m. on Oct 28. Absentee ballots must be received by 8 p.m. Nov. 8.


The district is accepting candidate nominations for a position on the District’s Board of Directors. The position is the Nampa Precinct three position, which is a three-year term.

An election will take place on Nov. 8 if more than one nominations is received by the filing deadline of Sept. 29. If only one is received that person is the winner.

Anyone interested in running for election should contact the district for more information at 466-7861.

Chanee Grant, who is the Secretary of the Nampa and Meridian Irrigation district, said there is one polling place in Nampa, but the location has not been determined yet.



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