Boone County: A summary of your choices and your sample ballot — Be an informed voter on Nov. 8
05 Oct

Boone County: A summary of your choices and your sample ballot — Be an informed voter on Nov. 8

Boone County voters face a number of important decisions on election day, November 8, not just for national elections, but for state and local offices, from commission/councils to Soil and Water Conservation supervisors to boards of education.

The choices vary from precinct to district so while we provide a sample county ballot here, voters should note the choices that are relevant to the individual voting precincts.

Everyone will be offered the choices for:

U.S. President/Vice President: Donald Trump/Michael Pence; Hillary Clinton/Timothy Kaine; Gary Johnson/Bill Weld; Rocky De La Fuente/Michael Sternberg; Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka; Even McMullin/Nathan Johnson.

U.S. Senator: Rand Paul; Jim Gray

U.S. Representative in Congress/4th Congressional District: Thomas Massie; Calvin Sidle.

These candidates have no opposition in their races:

State Senate, 11th District: John Schickel
State Representative, 60th District: Sal Santoro
State Representative, 63rd District: Diane St. Onge
State Representative, 66th District: Addia Wuchner
State Rpresentative, 69th District: Adam Koenig

All precincts have these choices:
Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors (Four): Jason Roberts, Debra Messer, Kristin Scott, Victor Vanover, Christopher Benton, Brian Rickert

Verona will vote for the State Representative, 61st District: Brian Linder; Kevin Napier

City of Florence
City Council (Six): Duane Froelicher, Curt Bessette, Linny Cloyd, Patricia Wingo, J. Kelly Huff, Jo Anne Henry-Bessette, Julie Aubuchon, Lance Howard, Gary Winn, Mel Carroll, David A. Osborne

City of Union
City Commissioners (Four): Ken Heil, John Mefford, Eric Dulaney, Jeremy M. Ramage, Bryan Miller

City of Walton
City Council (Six): Stephanie Williams, Rosalyn Beach, Matthew Brown, Marguerite Stewart, Gabriel Brown, John Wainwright, Mike Wood

In addition, there are a number of school board races, which can be found on the sample ballot.


Click here for Precinct Information and Locations.


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