Presidential Candidate Rocky De La Fuente on iSideWith’s First Livestream Debate
12 Oct

Presidential Candidate Rocky De La Fuente on iSideWith’s First Livestream Debate

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, October 12, 2016 / — For Immediate Release
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Presidential Candidate Rocky De La Fuente on iSideWith’s First Livestream Debate

ORLANDO, Florida, October 12, 2016 – While the Commission on Presidential Debates, which is run by the Democratic and Republican Parties, has created rules that realistically preclude non-Democratic and non-Republican candidates from participating, technology is beginning to create an alternative. The questions raised in last Sunday’s Presidential Town Hall were subject to “livestream” responses by other presidential candidates who were not allowed to partake in the actual debate. The technological capabilities of made it all possible. is a destination for the broadest of political discussion on the web, mobile and connected TV. With over 40 Million users in 12 countries and a reputation for extensive coverage of the latest political issues, is the most popular political information platform in the world. The interactive, non-partisan website aligns voters with candidates, issues and ballot measures and gives them the tools to share, compare and discuss their beliefs through social media. This past Sunday, it opened the debate to the other viable candidates who at least have a theoretical path to 270 electoral votes.

“ demonstrates a respect for the electoral process in general… I recommend it to any serious voter.”— Rocky De La Fuente

While almost every candidate complains about not getting to participate in the debate, it was interesting to see who actually took advantage of’s unique invitation. While Conservative Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle joined for a while and Green Party candidate Jill Stein answered a few questions, only “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente engaged in the full debate.

De La Fuente is an independent candidate who also has won the nomination of the Reform Party and the American Delta Party. An extremely successful businessman in his own right, he is the only first-generation Hispanic American to have ever qualified to run in the General Election, yet the media has chosen to ignore him.

De La Fuente said, “I suppose you need to make obscene comments or blatantly flaunt the law to qualify for coverage in this year’s election. It’s a sad commentary on the state of our political system.”

He is thankful for the platform that provided. “ demonstrates a respect for the electoral process in general,” said De La Fuente. “Its website asks incredibly important and detailed questions that allow voters to match their answers with those of the candidates who have taken the time to disclose their opinions. I recommend it to any serious voter.”

He continued, “The opportunity to share my thoughts ‘live’ during the town hall was incredible.” However, he admitted that it was a challenge doing it without the benefit of being at the actual event. posted many of De La Fuente’s answers on Twitter in addition to providing a running transcription of every candidate’s answers, including those of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

When asked if he would participate as fully if invited again, De La Fuente answered with a resounding, “Yes, without question!”

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“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is living proof that the American Dream can be achieved by those who are inspired to pursue it. He has an amazing record of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. From being licensed by the FAA to fly single engine planes at the age of 20 to owning 28 automobile dealerships and becoming Chairman of the National Dealers Council for the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world by the age of 28, Rocky is in a league by himself. He also created a banking network in 1982 to help address an economic crisis in Mexico and established impressive real estate holdings throughout the United States while generating thousands of new jobs along the way. Rocky holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) and exudes a passion for his country and for those who seek the opportunity to fulfill their version of the American Dream.

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