Immigrants are an asset, not a liability
13 Oct

Immigrants are an asset, not a liability

“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, Independent candidate for the U.S. Presidency has a clear vision and plan for a needed Immigration Reform. “We need comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes undocumented workers to be assets rather than liabilities. It isn’t logical to suggest that we can deport 13 million immigrants any more than it’s logical to suggest that we cannot deport the small percentage who have committed felonies”, said the Candidate. De La Fuente, also stated “We can secure our borders without abandoning the values upon which our nation was built. The first step is to admit that our current system of immigration is broken. Then, we must create a more intelligent, effective and efficient way of welcoming immigrants to our borders and providing them with a clear path to citizenship”.
As he promised on his website, De La Fuente vowed that if elected, he will not collect a paycheck until four goals have been accomplished: half of the nation’s homeless population is off the streets, one million new jobs have been generated, one hundred new city parks have been created and a logical and smart policy on immigration has been created.
De La Fuente’s campaign emphasizes his experience as a job creator, and his position that undocumented immigrants are an asset to the country, who need to be allowed to work and pay taxes. They can help us grow economically. “”Building a wall has never been the solution,” De La Fuente said.
Rocky is an extremely successful businessman. He owns commercial and residential real estate across the country and, at one time owned and operated three F.D.I.C. approved banks along with 28 new car dealerships. He has traveled the world and operated businesses on an international basis. Without his family’s migration to the United States, none of this would have been possible.
“I know the American Dream is alive and well because I am living it,” said Rocky. “I am incredibly proud of being born an American but still have pride in my Mexican heritage.”
The Reform Party Candidate Roque de la Fuente went on to say, “This country has a rich tradition of attracting those who are driven to achieve something better for themselves and for their children. We have thrived upon blending diverse cultural backgrounds into something even greater; a country of united principles and talents.”

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