Stein, De La Fuente to be on Wyoming’s general election ballot
09 Sep

Stein, De La Fuente to be on Wyoming’s general election ballot

CHEYENNE – Wyoming voters turned off by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have four other presidential choices this fall.

The campaigns of both Dr. Jill Stein and Rocky De La Fuente were successful in securing enough signatures of registered voters to appear on the general election ballot, the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office confirmed Thursday.

Both had at least 3,302 signatures from registered Wyoming voters for ballot access.

They will join Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate; Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party candidate; Republican Donald Trump; and Democrat Hillary Clinton on the ballot in Wyoming.

Another candidate, Evan McMullin, did not meet the signature requirement for ballot access.

McMullin, a Republican running an independent campaign, is seeking to appeal to other conservatives and Republicans who are disillusioned by Trump.

Bern Haggerty, a co-chairman of the Wyoming Green Party, said he was pleased that Stein was certified and was thankful for the volunteers who collected signatures.

“I’m ecstatic that a Green Party candidate will be on the ballot, even as an independent,” he said. “I’m also ecstatic that thousands of Wyoming voters signed that petition expressing the desire to have more choices on the ballot.”

The Green Party said it had turned in almost 12,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office in support of Stein.

Although Stein is the Green Party nominee, she will run as an independent in Wyoming because the Green Party does not currently have ballot access.

Stein will be on the ballot either as a Green Party candidate or an independent in 43 states and the District of Columbia, according to her campaign.

She also may be on the Rhode Island ballot following that state’s process and is a write-in candidate in three additional states.

Currently, the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties are the only political parties with ballot access in all 50 states.

The Constitution Party has access in 24 states, and Castle will be a write-in candidate in nine states, though more are possible, according to the party.

In addition to the presidential candidates, four legislative candidates were also certified to be independents on the ballot:

– Kym Zwonitzer in Senate District 6;

– Cindy Baldwin in Senate District 18;

– Sandy Newsome in House District 24; and

– Joseph Porambo in House District 58.

The addition of those four mean a total of 69 Republicans, 61 Democrats, four

independents and two Constitution Party members are running for legislative office in Wyoming.

“Now we are only 60 days out from the Nov. 8 general election, and we’ve officially certified the 2016 candidates for office to the county clerks,” Secretary of State Ed Murray said. “I am encouraging every citizen, especially our Wyoming youth, who have historically not participated to a great extent in the voting process, to engage with the candidates we certified today, become informed, and get out and vote on Nov. 8.”


By Matt Murphy, Wyoming Tribune Eagle / Updated Sep 9, 2016

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