Virginia’s capital newspaper backs Libertarian for president
11 Sep

Virginia’s capital newspaper backs Libertarian for president

For if they believe they are the best, they would have no need to fear such debate.

The CPD is actually a private corporation that refuses to disclose its current funders or sponsors. “As far as the states included in this initial TV buy, the targeting is based on a number of factors, from propensities toward independent voters, the relative popularity of the other candidates, and media markets”. The CPD literally excludes the 50% of voters who reject their parties.

“I hope the other two third-party or other-party candidates will see the wisdom in it”, McMullin said. Johnson can not debate until he gets to 15 percent in the polls.

In five states, the results of a head-to-head match-up change once we consider third-party candidates – and in each of those five cases, the state moves toward Trump.

“You’ve probably done the math on being at 10 percent in the polls”. To prevent a similar upset at the national level, the CPD quickly raised the bar to the arbitrary 15% requirement.

The CPD also keeps the debates within a narrow set of issues determined by party bosses.

“But here is the issue, there is not one single poll being conducted today where my name is in the top line”. “So that’s a lot of people”, Johnson said. “It’s disgraceful”, Trump replied.

“The CPD is a thinly disguised scheme to protect the two establishment parties from competition”, Stein wrote at the Guardian, “and perpetuates a political system controlled by the wealthy and big business interests”. He is the only candidate who is fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. When President Jimmy Carter refused, Reagan defended democracy by debating Anderson without Carter. Richmond is also the hometown of Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

In addition to Johnson, Trump, Clinton and Stein, Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle and independent Rocky De La Fuente will be on the general election ballot in Wyoming. I want my president to be someone who makes me proud to be an American and treats the office with the dignity it deserves.

We can’t have democracy without a free exchange of ideas and an informed public. The only long-run progress will come from principled candidates who represent the best of America, not those who simply manage to be less bad.

We should no longer allow this private corporation to decide who the American people can hear. “While there are Libertarian groups on Grounds, they’re all philosophical so they can’t help us campaign”. Having Gary Johnson in the debates will likely cost my preferred candidate votes.

“Both major parties are noticing this upset in the American electorate, which has propelled [Donald] Trump to become the candidate and created major competition between Sanders and Clinton”, Perry said.

That’s right. When the world convenes in NY on the 26th, Hillary Clinton will take the stage in defense of her center-left Democratic Party. Either (or both of them) could end the monopoly of the elitist Commission on Presidential Debates by demanding four-way debates in 2016.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are wholly unsuitable options for the presidency of the United States.


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